Welcome to Quest

Story Behind QUEST

            The Quest family consists of five members whose ultimate aim is to gather experience and to spared  it thorough Photography. Quest has been launched on May 15.2012. The members will set out in their Infinity journey for gathering all those minute things for focusing through their photography.


            The vision of the quest family is to find out lively pure photography. The quest mainly observed that the minute things around us can be made the object of lively photography. It is observed that many interested photographers’ go out site Barak valley to find out photogenic subject, but the quest family observed that there were many photogenic subject in Barak Valley. The family would try to remove their prejudice through their works. The quest family has a desire a specially to bring out the traditional culture of the people of Barak Valley through their photography.


                                        The mission of Quest family is Quest of Life, Heart and Pulse.


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